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Transformative journey of self-improvement with the captivating "Moonwalker" concept by Bunic. This collection of three whites paintings and three astronauts represent three stages of personal growth: "Recognition," "Confrontation," and "Acceptance." Each stage is symbolized by astronauts portraits, representing the journey of self-improvement, while the three white paintings of astronaut footprints on moon surfaces capture the emotions felt throughout this transformative process.

The large-scale canvases feature a muted color palette, reduced to achromatic tones, enhancing the contemplative nature of the series. Bunic, fascinated by the subconscious mind and space technology, has masterfully experimented with paint application and base treatment. The resulting textures reveal a striking combination of the incompatible, rough, and fragile, inviting viewers to engage in a profound visual and emotional journey.


                                                                                                            Independent Art Curator, Sandra Zloic

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