Moonwalker 2020/21

handmade acrylic, aquasil colour, glitter, reflexive powder 210 x 370 cm

silkscreen 70x70 cm & archive photographies of street stencils

I was interested in possibilities of de-fragmenting human habitual patterns and creating new neurotransmitter paths. New neural psychology investigates connection between thought patterns and quantum field. For this series I spent time in solitude, exercising and meditating. Body of work is inspired by aesthetics of Apollo mission 1969. "The Moonwalker" as metaphor for introspective processes. Three self portraits in silkscreen technique as steps of changing habitual patterns (recognition, confrontation and acceptance). Big scale moon paintings are structured with backlight, programmed to follow moon cycles. Concept is accompanied with Mars rover's graffiti messages applied on Berlin's street electricity boxes.


Feetworks 2020 

 *made with feet, acrylic, neon colours   150 x 150 cm

In his 'Feetwork' series of large-scale paintings, Luka Bunić has literally stepped out of reality onto the canvas. Namely, he applied acrylic paints using his feet, wandering around and leaving artist's footprints. Lockdowns set borders on our usual lifestyle with numerous restrictions, but Bunić took advantage of this by transferring his artistic restlessness and longing for freedom into artworks that were created by body moves and motions, kinetic energy and artistic practice alive even under the circumstances of a global pandemic. Bunić's works are passionate, their strong colours celebrate life. They carry a message of hope and desire for a new, better reality that we will enjoy empowered by art.


Sandra Zloić, Art curator 


Anerash Abarush II. 

archive paper prints 50 x 50 cm    2002/19


"Anerash Abarush" is selection or fifty digitaly modified photographies taken at the landfill of electrical and household appliance. I took photographies of shopping windows, of famous brands in Berlin shopping district. With all its associated decoration, details and decorative lights. In proces of abstracting photos, producing seductive enchanting beauty of colours and compositons, idea was to simulate process of killer plants. Attracting the observer to engage pulling them in a dialogue about consumerism and cheap working labour.

Luka Bunic


audio testimonialshandmade silkscreen prints 200x200cm  2019/21. 

Quicksand condition occurs when seepage pressure, which acts in the upward direction, overcomes the downward direction pressure due to submerged weight of soil, and the sand grains are forced apart. The result is that the soil has no capability to support a load. Humans are less dense than quicksand and a person would only sink to their chest before they begin to float. But what can make quicksand deadly is its ability to trap and hold unsuspecting victims. Parallel has been made between soil on which city lies and human experiences vs, their energy field. Berlin lies on sand. City that takes one on inward journey. 

Luka Bunic