Studied graphic techniques and painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Luka's topics are based on researching emotions and psychology. His graphic and paintings are often combination of figuration and abstraction. He also uses sound and video in his practice. Intuition, exploration and playfullness are important part of his art process. His concepts that are both layered as well as direct and intense. 

Utilizing a range of media that consists of performance art, photography, video installations and sculpture. His conceptual works explore a diverse range of issues that often contemplate Luka's term "ecology of mind". However, although his works are not strictly defined by themes or the materials that he uses, evoking conciousness is almost always central theme in his works.

1995- 2000 The Fine Arts Academy, Zagreb


Grants & Awards 

2001.  Graphic Bienalle, Prague, Czech Republic

2006.  Award for Painting, Rovinj, Croatia

2009. Graphic grant, Kasterllee, Belgium

2014.  Award for Litography, Munich. Germany

2017.  Public award for Painting "UJS" Berlin, Germany


Exhibitions & Projects

2020. "Colour Pop" Gallery 183 Berlin

2020. "Urban Jungle Stories" KM Berlin

2019. Poster Exhibition "Urban Jungle Stories" Berlin

2018. "Urban Jungle Stories" Mitte Art Gallery, Berlin

2017. Paintings "Abstracts II" Galerie Oriolotus, Berlin

2016. Paintings "Abstracts I", Galerie Bunic, Rovinj

2014. Graphics "Chimneys," Galerie HS Berlin

2013. Painting Exhibition "Light Tree" Munich

2012. Audiovisual performance “Pozoj” with Emil Herceg , Varaždin​ 

2010. “New Noah’s Ark”  MKC Maribor

2009. Audiovisual perf. “TRIP”, Prostor, Cakovec​

2008. “EKOOKO” multimedial exibition,Inkubator

Gallery, Maribor​

2008. «Retro Etno» graphics, CZK Cakovec

2006. “Anerash Abarush» digital graphics , Gallery Koprivnica

2004. “Communication” mutimedial Exh., Koprivnica

2003. Paintings "Traffic"Kuglana II , Koprivnica

2002. Paintings "Relativism, Bogdan Ogrezović”,Zagreb

2000. Paintings «Andronella 1», Rovinj

1999. Ambient installation DE-1, Zagreb

1997. Exibition - Gallery »Belvedere», Vrsar

1994. Paintings, Galery «Andronela I», Rovinj,

1993. Graphics–Graphic Centar «Franz Masserell», Kasterlee, Belgium

1992. Litographies "Don Quiote", V. Novak, Zagreb